Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things That Kept The Art Dept Going on Series 2

  • Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate

  • Berocca

  • Heat Magazine

  • Ground Coffee (with water!)

  • Lots of puddings after lunch

  • An endless supply of self-mocking/pity

  • Our luxury winnebago

  • Couriers that arrived on time

  • The Production Triangle

  • Pippa's constant praise

  • The entire cast

  • Above all else, an amazing team

    Better Late Than Never said...


    Now, I don't want to sound like a soppy American movie here, but I love the sense of community there is with Green Wing. Not just with people like you who are actually involved with it but with the fans as well. And, of course, between the fans and the people involved with it there's the same sense of communtiy.

    I love it!

    (15 days to go...)

    Anonymous said...

    ok,so i'm the geek that posted your picture in the LJ community and i feel really REALLY(belive me,REALLY) bad about what i did,didn't know that that was not aproved. probably becose i don't speak english REALLY good. but now a deleted it,and i'm SO sorry if you got in any kind of trouple. i really am. so sorry again,i feel like a total big-fat-geek-looser:D

    Haze said...

    I'm pleased to hear you have water with your coffee, that scene made me gag when I first saw it, but also reminded me of a friend who done the same thing with Drinking Chocolate powder... I think that would taste a little better!

    So looking forward to the new series, been waiting for ages. :)

    JPG said...

    Yup...only 8 more days!

    Seb Duggan said...

    Good call with the Berocca. Couldn't function without it...

    Lydia said...

    Green & Black's Organic Chocolate is amazing. The bittersweet dark chocolate and the Maya Gold brand are my personal favourites!

    Berocca kept me awake and sane when I was working in New Zealand, but I've never found it over here, it's certainly not in Tesco's (unless I'm looking in the wrong place!).