Friday, March 17, 2006

Five Pointless Statistics

Here's a bit of fun about Series 2:

  • Linear length of studio set construction: 0.25 miles
  • Litres of paint used to paint the set: 145
  • Number of ceiling tiles used on set: 1100
  • Number of births during Production: 2
  • Number of miles the Art Dept truck travelled: 3784

    Better Late Than Never said...

    3784 miles? I'd ask how you managed that, but I'm guess you won't tell me in case it gives me a clue I shouldn't be given.

    Never mind. I'm prepared to wait 13 days.

    *sits and waits*

    JPG said...

    That's only an average of about 35 miles a day, so no hidden clues there sadly :)

    la said...

    ooo, these are nice! give us more of these 'pointless statistics', please! they're always enjoyable. :)