Saturday, March 11, 2006

Episode 1

The beginning of the brand new series starts with a sequence of arrivals.

A normal start to a Green Wing hospital day....or is it?

This picture show Statham and Joanna.


edzmen said...

Nice to see Mac's bike finally beeing put to good use to get GW all 'Hollywood'[you missed a trick there in Series 1] - looks very cool, can't wait for the first epi!

patroclus said...

Just looking at that bike photo makes me grin like a lunatic. I literally cannot wait for the 31st.


I mean, I am a mature adult, and I would never get excited about a mere television programme FINALLY re-appearing on our screens.

Better Late Than Never said...

I've been counting down the days least a month now! I cannot wait! Mac's motorbike=love!

JPG said...

I'm glad you're all enjoying the blog and looking forward to the next Series.

Even I'm excited to see this finished product.

When you work on a series for that long, you kind of lose track of what was shot for what episode, and how it all fits together.

On any given shoot day, we would often film scenes from 3 or 4 different epsiodes.
It was a bit of a continuity nightmare!

Better Late Than Never said...

*goes cross eyed at thought*