Monday, March 13, 2006

Some scene name teasers for Episode 1

Seeing as its getting nearer and everybody seems so excited, I thought I'd list a few scene names for Episode 1, (without any descriptions obviously!)

But you'll be able to see how fun-packed the first show will be, and you can make up your own ideas as to what you think the scenes involve:
  • My Gang
  • Glasses/Harmonica (one of the best scenes EVER)
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Statham's Retribution
  • Guy's Story
These are only a handful that don't give away any plot lines, but watch out particularly for some beautiful Statham/Boyce scenes and some masterful Sue White scenes.

Keep checking back as I'll be posting some un-restricted Ep 1 pictures on March 31st


Better Late Than Never said...

So many people. How do you keep track? Or don't you?!

Not that I'm counting, but it's now only two weeks and four days until series two!

JPG said...

It'll be here before you know it...(that's not a cryptic clue btw!)

Better Late Than Never said...

Hehe. Actually, it's already gone quite quickly. I've been counting down since early February! My friends think I'm crazy!

Anonymous said...

Green wing is so inbelievable amazin! its unbelieveable! its just so funny! Is there going to be a series 3 by any chance? I no we'd all love there to be!
Im sooo jealous of u jonathan that you get to work on green wing, and spend time with the actors! They seem like great bunch of people, it be great to meet them