Sunday, June 25, 2006

Early morning General Medical Reception

This is a photo taken very early in the morning in the studio, on the GMR set.
Always a lovely time of day, quiet and peaceful before the crew arrives on set and the lights are turned on.
Time to get everything in place before the day starts.


pepper said...


kirsten said...

Strange to think a quiet place like that will later be a scene of insanity.

Heather said...

Wonderful, it's a testament to your work that I never can tell which scenes are in a studio and which are in a real hospital.

la said...

finally I come back here and what do I see? a reminder of a question I've meant to ask you since the beginning of series 2! :)

so, the walls. had the hospitals had some redecorators or did you paint the studio settings different colour from the series 1? because 1 has mostly light yellow walls and 2 has lilac/blue ones... it changes the lighting (and thus feeling) hugely in the series.

the general hospital area is different colour, as well as the reception, and joanna's office (or at least the office girls' office).

I noticed the difference also in the comic relief clips.

so, was the decision made by you or the hospitals?

JPG said...

Thanks la,
Well spotted.

Most of the studio was the same colour as Series 1, but we did add some extra bits of set to expand it for Series 2, so one of the corridors is a new colour.

The mostly yellow walls are the actual hospital, and I'm guessing you're refering to the Doctor's Mess room, which was yellow originally.

Unless I'm not remembering correctly, the reception area is exactly the same colour as S1, but yes, you're right, we did re-paint the Admin Offices and Joanna's office.

Comic Relief was shot at a different time in a different place, so that's why when you look closely, it's slightly different to the series.

la said...

thanks for the answer, jonathan! :)