Friday, July 07, 2006

Vote Green Wing!

Now's your chance to show your support for Green Wing by voting for it at the TV Choice Awards.

Even at this shortlist stage the public get a chance to vote until Tuesday 18th July by either phoning 0905 648 0748 (calls cost on average 50p) or by texting TVCVOTE followed by a space and then the category and
your vote options, plus your name, door number and postcode to 87080 (texts
cost 50p).

You can vote for the special 10 years at the top award by calling 0905 6520 332 (£1 per call) or texting 10YEARS followed by a
space, your vote option , plus your name, door number and postcode to 86633
(£1 text vote). Please note that there is no online voting at this

Thank you.



flic 2 said...

i shall

Squarah said...

Consider it done!

RachelFunkeh said...

Done and Done.

You may want to check heat magazine as well, for the wonder that is Green Wing has been nommed for the NTA's too.

Spread the word JPG you know you want too!!

Rachel x

Andrea said...

Done it! Let's keep fingers crossed!!!!

Jen said...

Consider yourself voted for.

I really hope it guys deserve some credit... you know, the shint kind with your names engraved on it.

P.S. Is there something wrong with James Henry's blog? There's only one blog update on it and no options or anything anywhere to post or anything.

Helen said...

It seems fine for me...I was just reading it a moment ago, which is the blog update that you can see?

Jen said...

Ah, it has rectified itself. It was just the 'celery' on at the time.

Phew. It's okay now.