Saturday, April 01, 2006

Area 51

These photos were taken on location for the opening dream sequence arrivals.


smoo2 said...

Nice spaceship compu-terrr (Alan voice), and Mac looks hilarious!

la said...

and I'm sure all these things worked as well. where did you travel with all that? and did you too wear those silvery clothes? ;)

JPG said...

Most of the screen items were just graphics, and was shot in a dis-used power station.

No silvery clothes for the was boling hot that day!

taigathefox said...

Mac is like Andy Warhol in that scene :)

Btw. the first ep was brilliant. Great work!

JPG said...

Thank you, and glad you enjoyed it.

la said...

he IS like andy warhol! he reminded me of someone, I just couldn't think of whom! thanks, taigathefox! :)

and oh yes, if I haven't said it before, a great episode 1! have seen it now about 8 times already...:) (and counting...)

what's the special prize btw, in your other gw blog? for the alan picture?

JPG said...

Sorry...haven't thought of what the prize is yet, but there will be something

la said...

like sue white's flower? ;)

I actually made myself one quite similar. be it of paper but nonetheless it's my sue white flower. :)

and I was almost shocked to realize that I also have a plant like that living one in her office. the India-rubber plant, if that's the correct name for it.

I also forgot to mention last time that the lighting in ep 5 is so beautiful! the little lights hanging all over... nice. very nice indeed. :)