Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lack of Blog

I thought I ought to post a little note seeing as its been a very long time since I contributed to the GW2 Blog, so firstly, apologies for that, because I know there are a lot of fans out there.

It's partly due to the fact that I've posted quite a lot of my stock of photos, and partly because the ones I haven't posted have to be saved for a little while (lots of really fab new pictures to follow at some this space).

And it's also partly due to the fact that I've been really busy on other Productions.

I've just finished filming a fantastic new comedy series for Channel 4, which is due out on September 15th, called Star Stories.
I know this isn't strictly GW info, but it is comedy, and I'm sure it'll do really well because it's excellent (although nothing like GW).

So look out for a new blog (possibly).

In the meantime, here's a photo of the gorgeous Tamsin, doing what she does most on set.....apart from acting of course!

Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Tamsin is sooooo stunning, shes just so cool

Helen said...

cool indeed, we love her lots :)

Button said...

Looking forward to the new photos. I wish I had your job, unfortunately my complete and total inability to do anything vaguely artistic precludes that.

Best of luck with the new show.

edzmen said...

Oooo those new photos sound VERY interesting.
Must be to do with the legendary and very mysterious 'Final Episode'...

elven-emma said...

huzzah for tamsin!

Jen said...

*wants her very own Tamsin*

Ah, the photo will have to do then. :-) Great pic. I can't wait to relive seeing your fabulous work when the DVD is released, Jonathan!

Are you on any of the commentaries?

JPG said...

Not sure Jen, I think there might be a small interview...will let you know

Jen said...

Awh - DEMAND your appearance on the commentaries. For all eight episodes! I think it's great to have a crew view as well. I loved the commentary with yourself, Oriane and Fay.

Shame there were only 4 commentaries. Will there be more on Series 2, do you know? And can you give us any info on extras?

Outtakes make me happy. :-P

It's okay if it's top secret just now. I can wait... but people were moaning at the lack of extras on Series one.

edzmen said...

Yes I agree - we really need more outtakes on the S2 DVD - they're tops!

Anonymous said...

You helped write Star stories?

*Eyes light up and twinkle slightly*

I applaud you.

JPG said...

Noooo...I'm not a writer :)